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By Rob Brereton

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The following is a pictorial show of the restoration/production
of Mick Breheny’s new Cussy Trailer.

It all started with Bill Stocks giving me half a Customline if U could call it that.
A pile of rust on a 6x 4 trailer was more like it.
I thought this is easy so I put it on my son in-laws rotisserie and that is where it sat.
About 6 months went by and every-body that looked at it said you must be kidding, well that was till I said to Billy Patton, "What do you think Billy", and he said "why not".
So on to Paul’s tandem trailer and off to Billy's place where the project started, a lot of cutting, grinding and thinking “what the #*#@#ing hell are we doing?”
Billy's nephew Jake said to Bill "I think you have under quoted this one! "But it was full steam ahead”.

photo 1 photo 3

Billy and I went for a drive to Pick-A-Part to find two new lower quarter panels, who would think the quarter of a Mitsubishi ute would fit a Customline? 

photo 8 photo 11
photo 67 photo 68

Well Billy did. So now we have a 6 x 4 trailer full of rusty metal and a Cussy trailer taking shape.
Billy spent hrs & hrs replacing rusty panels with new steel.

photo 66 photo 10
photo 24 photo 25

Sandblasting was interesting, when you sand blast rust you end up with not much left, so the more I sand blasted the more Bill had to replace.

photo 26 photo 29
photo 33 photo 36
photo 40 photo 41
photo 45 photo 46

Then it was ready for brother Rob to tar paint the bottom.
A lot of people helped with some hard to get parts and donations and lots and lots of time, there were some people that had many good IDEAS and advice thanks Joe & Pete!!!

photo 50 photo 53

The axle, shockers, springs and wheels are in and it is looking like someone does love it.

Now the doors, I said to Bill "I went to Canberra to get these doors and they are pretty good", he said "did you take your seeing eye dog?". 
Well OK, he had to replace the bottom of one but the other one was OK, actually the tops were really good but we “cut them off”.

photo 57
photo 60
photo 69
photo 58
photo 61

It wasn't too long and we were putting a (little) bit of bog on Ha-Ha.
You sand, sand, sand and it starts to look like something, so now the back half of the Cussy trailer is looking like a Cussy.
The next few pics are starting to really make it look like a real Cussy, ain’t it wonderful what some bog and paint can do.

photo 70 photo 72
photo 74 photo 73
photo 75 photo 76
photo 77 photo 78
photo 79 photo 82
photo 84 photo 91

Cussy trailer build part 2. 1-1-2015
Off to the Rubber Connection today with Rob to buy the jewellery for the Cussy trailer. Jeff & Heather were happy to see us. They gave me a good price ($???), the bling fitted in to a small plastic bag but it will make the trailer look good.
I hope nobody tells Deb how much it was cause see will just buy ($???) worth of bags & shoes at a sale somewhere with Jackie Mulroney.
Bill , Robert and I are in deep discussion about the top of the trailer, but I think Joe & Peter or some other brainiac will come up with some idea.
The brainiac group come up with one great idea, they thought it was OK to Supa-glue me to the chair !!! Ha Ha very funny. I will get them back, so be afraid U blokes !!!
Bill is having a well earned rest on Xmas Day, & Boxing Day saw Bill putting on the final coat of fill and it looks great. The high fill and under coat makes the trailer all come together, now two days of blocking will have it ready for the last coat of under coat, then it's off to my place today to fit the draw bar.

photo 96 photo 97

Loading was OK until it wanted to roll into the garage door, there were some quick heart beats but was all good. A stop at the Wallan coffee shop was mandatory. There was a lot of debate about the angle the draw bar should be fitted at, and I won !!

photo 99 photo 100

It all worked out by the end of the day, even though Billy set fire to the carpet and the gas bottles while he was welding and grinding!!! All in all, it was a good day. When we had finished we hooked the trailer up to the ute to tow her back to Bills, and she towed great .
Bill and I have made the decision on the top of the trailer, with no input from the brains trust. Bill will make the steel frame then it is off to Tony Gills to get the leather part made.

photo 106 photo 103
photo 104 photo 105

New Year's eve saw Rob, Bill, and my self fitting the boot, it took 4 hours but the gaps are good.
It's only 5 weeks to Kaniva , so it's full steam ahead to have it ready in time for the trip. 

photo 107 photo 109

Cussy Trailer Part 3
Rob & Bill put in two big days in 35 degree heat to make the front top frame on the trailer. The water channel was a big job on its own but it all worked out in the end. 
Fitting the front steps was a good idea until we worked out that the front panel had a big woof in it, and it took 2 days of filling and rubbing back, good job Bill.
Rob & Bill had two days off so I went to Bills and had a good clean up, because Bill is going to paint the trailer where it is, so we will make a paint booth, hmm.... 

photo 113 photo 116
photo 119 photo 120

Today was the last of the welding so it was time to wipe down with prepsol. 
Bill put the undercoat on, bloody undercoat shows all of those little spots that U think U have fixed. Bill and Rob then had to sand and block for the rest of the day, and now she's looking very good.
Sticking down the top panel was OK, we sticker flexed it so there were no screws showing. Saturday saw Bill, Rob & myself fitting the top, every thing was going great when Joe arrived .... well he was a good help, because it wasn't too long and it was all done.
A final bit of spot putty and Bill will be happy to paint.

photo 108 photo 118

My grandson Kyle was horrified when Billy started to drill the holes for the trim. 
Kyle said, “all this work and your drilling holes in my pops trailer”!!! 

photo 122 photo 123

Well the paint day has come , and as I drove up Bills street I could see smoke coming from the carport. I thought shit, the house is on fire, or worse still, the trailer was on fire!! Wrong on both.
Bill was painting the yellow on the trailer and as I stopped, I thought oops, I am in Debs black car so I made a hasty retreat down the street and walked back. Seeing the yellow paint on the trailer, I was so happy I could have pole vaulted over it!! 
Well, maybe my expectation outweighed my capabilities !!
Monday or Tuesday may see black paint on the trailer, I will be very excited!!

photo 124 photo 125
photo 126 photo 128

Cussy trailer part 4
Well Bill rang me at 9.30 Monday night to tell me the black is on the trailer. 
So over I go on Tuesday, and she has a great shine on her, Bill has out done himself.

photo 131 photo 133
photo 134 photo 135

I got the last of the bumper brackets from Andrew from Broadford. Sunday saw Bill Rob & I at the Whittlesea coffee shop at 7.30 am at 8.30 we were into it, and what a day it was.
The wire loom was first then the lights were next to go on, then the blinkers, then the bumper. It was all going well and we worked out we did not have enough clips for the trim.
A quick call to Kevin Shepherd, and he was on his way with clips in hand, thanks Kev. We started putting the trim at the back drivers side and it went on OK.
Then we were at the front right hand corner and things changed, but Bill to the rescue, and in a flash it was cut and on. 
So now the front well, there was sika flex every where but it all cleaned up OK. So to the back left hand side, the quarter panel was OK, then the *@##ken door, about 3 hrs later it was on!!!
Then Bill & Rob fitted the locks in the top and what a good job boys.

photo 136 photo 140
photo 141 photo 144

The safety chains went on and it was time to turn on the lights. 
Rob & I put the 7 pin plug in, hmm ... we should have put on a pair of glasses because it was wired wrongly, but Bill fixed it, so all the lights work fine now. 
7.30 pm and we are done, and she does look like a lot of people love her now, she looks fantastic!!!

I got the trailer rego done today, Bill had to work so I went over about 5.30 pm and hooked the trailer up to take it to Clark Rubber in the morning to get the seals on the boot and the lid, but guess what ?! Bill is not happy with the boot, so back it in the car port and he will rub it back and repaint it, so at 7.00 pm the boot got rubbed back and painted. Kevin Shepherd did a big day cutting & polishing the black and it looks great.

photo 150

Tuesday saw Bill and myself at Peter Mac for Bill to have some tests, brother Rob has the trailer at his place to check the wheel bearings, & fit the the number plate and boot key lock and emblem.
We got back to Robs to find he had the trailer up on the hoist and he was in his element tightening this and that, so it's off to Clark Rubber to fit the seals.
Gino did a really good deal for me and I got out of there with some $ in my pocket.
Rob and I put the last of the nick nacks on, and the front sticker went on thanks to Bernard from the Sticka Guru.
He did a special deal for me and it looks great.
So it's the 5th of Feb and time to load her up for Kaniva.

photo 149
photo 148

The build: 81 cutting discs, 28 flapper grinding discs, 3 sheets of steel, 2 rolls of welding wire, not too many tins of bog ... well may be one or two extra, 1 gal of black, 1 gal of yellow paint, 2 cans of expander foam, 6 tubes of sikaflex and 4 tubes of silastic + 2 lengths of RHS and 2 lengths of 20 ML square, 3 lengths of flat, and lots and lots of man hrs.
I would like to sincerely thank all the people who donated bits and very hard to get things, thanks to Bill Stocks, Wayne Paterson, Jim Pierce, Peter & Jenn & Jayke for the coffee and cake and good advice.
To Joe and Kevin Shepherd thank U all for your help and input, to Dave from the Whittlesea coffee shop thanks for staying open late for the Gang to have coffee.
To my brother Rob thanks for your many hrs of help and your $$ donations, U did a great job, & to Billy, without him none of this would have happened.
Bill I can never repay U for the love and passion U put into the project, that every body said could NOT be done.
Bill, when people at car shows ask me who built the trailer, I will be proud to say my mate Bill Patton.
I have a lot of friends Bill, but let me tell U I am proud to call U my mate, Thanks Bill.
    Mick Breheny.

The end of the build, now starts the beginning of a new episode.
The new trailer survived it first outing, to Kaniva, so now its full steam ahead.

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