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By Rob Brereton

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These are some of the Vehicles that our
Present and Past Members have owned.

Ford Customline Bill Stokes 58 Sedan

Bill Stocks 58 Star Model

30th Vince Tropiano Twinnie02

Vince Tropiano Twin Spinner

56 4D Victoria Peter Moore Cropped04

Peter Moore 56 Fordor Victoria

Ford Customline Jim Bryants 5702

Jim Bryant 57 Sedan

Wayne Carrolls 57 Sedan03

Wayne Carroll 57 Sedan

Ford Customline Phil Gillespie 55 Sedan 605
Ford Customline Daryl Fielders 58 Star Model02

Daryl Fielder 58 Star Model

Ford Customline Phil Hirds 57 Sedan02

Phil Hird 57 Sedan Qld

Les Cross 56 Tank Fairlane Convertible03

Les Cross 59 Tank Sunliner

Ian Hayward 58 Stary 8

Ian Haywards 58 Star Model

54 Mainline Scott Green Cropped03

Scott Green 54 Mainline

Phil Gillespie NZ 55 Sedan Ex USA

Richard Van Egmond 54 Sedan

Richard Van Egmond 54 Sedan

Ford Customline Jeff Cilia's 4902

Jess Cilia 49 Tilt Front Convertible

Ford Customline Ernest Raso's 53 Sedan

Ernest Razo 53 Anniversary Sedan

Ford Customline Smiley Edmond's 54

Smiley Edmonds 54 Sedan

Franks Twin Ute 1

Frank Beale 51 Twinnie Ute

Cobbos 4D Vicky

John Cobdens 56 Fordor Victoria

56 Cussy Old Graham Nevin

Mark Spence 56 Sedan

Ford Customline Les Cross's 58 Sedan

Les Cross 58 Star Model

55 Cussy Shannon Flockhart 2

Shannon Flockhart 55 Sedan LHD

1953 Anniversary Bill Reaper 2

Bill Reaper 53 Anniversary Sedan

Henk Mennen 55 Mainline 2

Henk Mennen 55 Mainline before resto

RSZ 2 Smileys 54 Cuss 4

This is Smiley Edmonds 54 Sedan after the Black Saturday Fires at Kinglake. He also lost his house and now he has passed to greener pastures himself.

Jim Pierce 50

Jim Pierce 50 Single Spinner Convertible

Bill Mill 58 Star Model Sedan

Bill Mills 58 Star Model

Ford Customline Paul Cox's 58 Starry

Paul Cox TAS 58 Star Model

DSCF0509 crop 19

Les Cross 56 Mainline
Left: As original. Right: After Paintwork

JP 054

Jim Pierce 54 Sedan

Ford Customline Wayne Paterson's 57

Wayne Paterson 57 Sedan

Melton Cars 14

John Farrugia 59 Star Model

JIMS 50 3
P2191128 2

Jim Pierce 50 Coupe

Melton Cars 7

Craig Roper 57 Sedan


Fred Frantz 55 Victoria


Jim Pierce 58 Star Model


Brenda Shalders 59 Star Model


Ernie Taylor 58 Star Model


Colin Farnham 56 Victoria


Kevin Shepherd 56 Victoria

Ford Customline Marc Gordon 58 Fairlane

Marc Gordon’s 58 US Fairlane

Ford Customline Phil Butts 1956 Sedan

Adrian Rossi 57 Sedan

58 Mainline Col Pass Adjusted

Phil & Cherie Butt’s 1956 Sedan

Georgina & Barry Miles 56

Col & Christine Pass’s 58 Star Model Mainline

Ray Burness 55 Crown Victoria cropped

Georgina & Barry Miles 1956 Sedan

Gretta Taylor 57 Mainline

Ray Burness’s 55 Crown Victoria

52 Mainline Charlie Dean Cropped

Gretta Taylor 57 Mainline before resto

Charlie & Kerrie Dean’s 1953 Mainline

DSCF2003 cropped
DSC_0343 crop web

Joe Vella 59 Star Model

Jims 55 Sunliner 1

Jim Pierce 56 Victoria

Jim Pierce 55 Snliner

There are quite a few more Cussies that have been owned by members but I think these will tell most of the story.

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