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By Rob Brereton

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This page is designed for all you budding Customline mechanics to show your skills in what you have and are going to do with your vehicles.

Send in details of your projects with photos for all to see.

Under the Hood will show off the good and the bad of what you actually do have under the hood.

56 Cussy Stop Light Switch
To read about the Brake/Stop Light
Switch replacement just
click here

56 Cussy Horn Wire Replacement
To read how to replace this Horn Wire and solve your
Horny Problem just
click here

Customline Front End Repairs.
This is a small story of replacing the front chassis member of your Customline with an American made reproduction piece.
It is up to you if you want to use it.
Basically remove the lower arms and do a lot of checks before removal.
Fit up and only tack in position to begin with and when you are happy with the fit weld it into position.
Check with your lower arms as you go along and it should
be smooth sailing,
Good luck and have fun.
Cheers. Graedon Munro.

Graedon Front End Repairs 1
Graedon Front End Repairs 2
Graedon Front End Repairs 3 Graedon Front End Repairs 4

If you click on the link below
you can read all about TORQUE WRENCHES and How to Ues Them.

Read about Torque Wrenches.

Here are a couple of articles sent in by Terry Usher
all about Radiators.
Just click on the text to open up the files.

Read about High Efficiency Core Radiators.

Read about Aluminium Vs Copper/Brass Radiators.

Here is an Article that was supplied by Jim Pierce.
ALTERNATOR ALTERNATIVE, as it appeared in our last newsletter.
It may just help you out one day.

You can also purchase from the States an Alternator built into the Original or Original Looking Generator housing, painted or polished to your choice. Just have a look at Dennis Carpenters or Mac's web sites, as they have them displayed.

Altenator Alternative

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