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By Rob Brereton

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Here we have some more pictures, and a story , of the Mennen/Stocks TWIN 58 Star Models.


I was Googling on the internet and I came across this Star Model Customline, I thought it looked very pretty and neat, so I showed Henk and he said “I really like what I see”. He has wanted a Star Model for ever. We investigated further and Patricia was the lady’s name who we dealt with, she said she had two the same. They are wedding cars and originally purchased from Victoria in 2002.
Henk had discussed this with Billy Stocks and he said he was interested as well.
A few days later we flew to Newcastle with Billy, Marg and Cindy Stocks.
We met Patricia at her shed, where she has an awesome collection of stretch Chryslers, Jaguars, and a 1940’s Dodge, which she had fully restored. She also had another Ford Customline which is her toy, and a Chrysler 300c and all were wedding cars.
After doing blockies and discussions we purchased them both and decided to drive them back to Victoria. Patricia directed us to a hotel for the night.
Next morning we started our long trip home, I was nervous about getting around Sydney, but with Cindy directing us it was a breeze. We had a great trip till Holbrook where we stopped for petrol and it wouldn’t start, it was just on dark and we were hoping to get to Albury for the night. Well we did get to Albury, with our car on the back of a truck where we stayed for the night. Next morning we were back on the truck heading to Bendigo. It was a failed electronic distributor. Our petrol consumption from Newcastle was really, really good. The next week we had the distributor replaced and all has been good since. Luckily we bought the cars with Rego so we were able to drive home with no issues. Since then we have had road worthies and put them on the Club Permit Scheme.
I am sure we will see you all on the road enjoying our Ford Customlines.
Regards Henk & Margie Mennen.


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