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By Rob Brereton

Cussy Club Grey Mottle Bck Grnd02
Robert Hewson 58 Starry 2

Re-Newing Member Robert Hewson’s 58 Star Model Sedan.

Robert Hewson 58 Hearse 1

Re-Newing Member Robert Hewson’s 58 Star Model Hearse.

Allan Chambers 58 Starry 1

New Members Allan & Linda Chamber’s 58 Star Model Sedan.

Roger Burke 58 Starry Sedan 1-1

New Members Roger & Wendy Burke’s 58 Star Model Sedan.

Bob Stocks 58 Starry Sedan 2

Bob Stock’s New 58 Star Model Sedan.

Graham Hosking 2 58 Starry

Members Graham & Sonya Hosking’s 58 Star Model Sedan.

Ian Fletcher 58 Star Model 1

Members Ian & Ann Fletcher’s 58 Star Model Sedan.
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Drummond Dick 58 Starry

Members Drummond & Terese Dick’s 58 Star Model Sedan.

Graeme Bushby Star Model

Member Graeme Bushby’s 58 Star Model Sedan.


Members Bill & Marg Stock’s New 58 Star Model Sedan.


Members Mennen & Stocks Twin 58 Star Model Sedans.

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Brian Drechsler 58 Starry

Members Brian Drechsler’s 58 Star Model Sedan.

59 Colin Wicks02

This vehicle now belongs to our Member Jim Stocks. 1958 Star Model Sedan.


Bill & Marg Stock’s 58 Star Model Mainline.

Ford Customline Bill Stocks 59 Starry

Bill & Margaret Stocks 1959 Star Model Sedan.

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Norm Myers 58 Star Model

Norm Myer's 58 Star Model Sedan.

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Ford Customline Ken Wylie 58 Mainline

Ken Wylie's 1958 Star Model Mainline

Ray Kilbys 58 Star Model Mainline

Ray Kilby's 1958 Star Model Mainline

Kev Mulroney Starmodel

Kevin & Jackie Mulroney's 1958 Starmodel Sedan.

Ford Customline Jim Pierces 58 Star Mode

Helen Tuo’s 1958 Star Model Sedan.

Ford Customline Brenda Shalders 58 Star Model

Brenda Shalder's 1959 Star Model Sedan

Ford Customline Joe Farallas 58 Sedan

Joe & Linda Faralla's 1958 Star Model Sedan
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Ford Customline Graedon Munros 58

Graedon & Sandra Munro's 1958 Star Model Sedan

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